I specialize in replacing worktops without removing existing wall tiles. The old worktops are removed and the silicon is cleaned off the tiles. Once the new worktops are fitted a new bead of silicon is applied to seal and finish. If the new worktop is thicker than the previous one then the new tops are scribed in to fit the shape of the wall and butt up tight to the tiles, again a bead of silicon is applied to finish. If you are interested in this service then give me a call and I will come round and give a free quote and advice on replacement worktops.
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The Worktopman
I have been fitting worktops for nearly ten years now. Previously I built sets for the TV, music, exhibition and fashion industry. My experiences from this work help to the present day . All the materials I use mean that nearly all but the very large and complex kitchen worktops can be cut and fitted on site in one day.
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